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free fashion games for women

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Highly original teen fashion ideas include transforming a pair of old jeans into a hip miniskirt . . . new ways to mix and match tanks and tights . . . color-decorating fabrics with marking pens, dyes, decals, bleach, sequins, or beads . . . and simply adding pizzazz to every teen’s wardrobe. There are also make-your-own-perfume recipes, hair-do suggestions to make the best of a bad hair day, and ideas for fizzy, sweet-smelling baths.

Pre-teen and early-teen girls will have great fun with these books. They’ll be sure to find their way to pajama parties and other girls-only get-togethers. They’re filled with ideas, bright color, lively illustrations?all designed to induce giggles, screams of hilarity, and pure entertainment.

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The Three Aunts

The Three Aunts

A Norwegian fairy tale, first formally recorded by Peter Christen Asbjornsen and Jorgen Moe in the 19th century.

The Story-

A beautiful (though very poor) young woman begins work as a servant in the royal court. She becomes soon becomes a favorite of the Queen, making the other servants grow exceedingly jealous. In an attempt to disgrace her, they deviously tell the Queen that the girl has been spreading boastful lies, making the ridiculous claim that she can spin a pound of flax in only twenty-four hours. The Queen, in an effort to expose the rumored lie, orders the (now very worried) young woman to complete the task before morning.

Late in the night, as the girl sits in her chamber sobbing over her impossible chore and hastening punishment, a strange woman enters, and sweetly offers to do the work for her, on the simple condition that she call the strange woman her aunt on the "happiest day" of her life.

The next morning, the job is found neatly done. Endlessly pleased, the Queen immediately orders the poor girl to do it all again. That night, another strange woman pays her a visit, and makes the same deal- the following morning, the flax is spun and the Queen is pleased once more.

After a third pound (for which there was a third nightly meeting, agreement, and completion), the Queen decides to have the young woman married to her son, the Prince- a prudent arrangement, thinks the Queen, as she can fire all the other servants and have the new princess do all the work in the palace for free. A meal is held in celebration, and the three strange women unexpectedly come to attend- only they look entirely different than the girl remembers, and are entirely hideous. One has a horribly long nose, one has freakishly large eyes, and the last has a gruesome hump on her back.

Though the Prince is weary of seating them, and the Queen entirely against the idea, the bride-to-be immediately introduces each of them as "Aunt," and, being family, etiquette dictates they must be welcomed. When the prince asks why they appear as they do, each explains that their deformities are the result of to much hard work at the spinning wheel.

The Prince is appalled that such physical maladies could result from the task. He immediately forbids his lovely fiancee from spinning flax ever again. the Queen, foiled and now servant-less, mumbles something to herself and moves on to the task of hiring back all the court employees.


This is not a very well-known story; I myself found it just a few weeks ago. It's really a wonderful little tale, though- similar to the more popular Rumpelstiltskin legend (as mentioned by Annarack, in the comment below), but much sweeter, since the magical characters are so much more benevolent.

I wanted to have plenty of contrast in this illustration. The expected partygoers wear morose Victorian costume (1880s, more or less), and are largely monochromatic- the young woman, especially, is dressed in a very severe manner, without many frills. The "aunts" are entirely different, and based on fashions of the 1780s. They appear as if they've come to the event a century too late, and my thought was that, in keeping with their mystically prodigious ages, they might be dressed as if in a time when they were young and beautiful, and more likely to get invitations to such occasions.

Being magical, of course (kind witches, probably, or some sort of fairies- the reader is free to decide), there's really no way to know their age or reasons for outfit choice. Perhaps they just see the whole thing as a game or prank on the Queen, and hope to shock her with garish costumes to match their horrid bodily disfigurements.

free fashion games for women

free fashion games for women

Slave to Fashion: A Novel

Fashion college has taught Katie Castle everything she ever needed to know: how to smoke cigarettes and drink; how to flirt with gay men and straight women; how to get into clubs without paying. Possessed of a sharp eye and a stiletto tongue, Katie talks her way into the job of her dreams. Working for chic designer Penny Moss, Katie snags not only a town house in London’s Primrose Hill but also a cute fiance, Ludo, who happens to be Penny’s son. But one act of libidinal folly with the company delivery driver costs Katie everything: job, boyfriend, flat, friends. Will she be forced to move back with her sartorially challenged parents? Or can she maneuver a return to fashion that somehow doesn’t involve (gasp!) retail?

Rebecca Campbell has invented a wisecracking heroine who’ll keep you laughing right up to the last page. Katie’s misfortune will be your delight, as this irrepressible wit carpe diems herself into a set of adventures that once again propels her to the top. Slave to Fashion marks the arrival of an uncommonly smart and very funny new writer.

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